Because this message can be helpful to many other people, I decided to post my response. After I wrote this, I did a Youtube search for “raw vegan + cancer” and this video popped up. It so closely mirrors what I said I have to put it in this article.

(Copy of letter)

Here’s an overview of what I’d recommend. Keep in mind it’s a big learning curve. Once you start changing the eating habits, in about two months you’ll do it without second thought.

-Remove all meat and dairy from your diet. Check labels to make sure milk isn’t hidden as something else like cassein in a product. Milk proteins are fertilizer for cancer cells. Yogurt falls under dairy. You can add meat substitutes like veggie burgers, in moderation, to your diet for variety. Make sure they don’t list “MILK” as part of the ingredient list. Look for words like VEGAN on the box. If you switch to soy / almond / rice milk to replace milk in cereal, make sure it doesn’t have added sugar or artificial ingredients.

-Avoid all sugar, since sugar suppresses the immune system.

-Living foods contain thousands of chemical compounds and enzymes the body needs to replace cells and fight disease. Focus on eating as many UNCOOKED fruits and vegetables as possible each day. Fruit smoothies and fresh juice are great. Buying a container of orange juice at the grocery store isn’t the same as fresh squeezed from oranges in a juicer. Enzymes don’t last long. Anything that is alive when you eat it, like an apple, or something that will sprout if it’s a seed is great.

Recommended reading: The China Study. This is my bible, and many of my principles came from here.

Personally, I keep it simple. A dressing without a lot of artificial ingredients or milk, and my favorite vegetables chopped up. Green salads are good. Fruit smoothies and fresh squeezed juice drinks. Don’t get bogged down by making meals with too many ingredients, or things that require a lot of special ingredients. Unless you love cooking, then that’s great. Eat as little processed food as possible. Cut back on frozen food as much as possible.

I recommend eating a lot of fruits in the melon/cantaloup/watermelon group. These have the strongest properties for health.

Generously add first press extra virgin olive oil to your salads every day.

Eat a few grains of bee pollen every day. I throw these in my smoothies. Powerful anti-disease properties. You can find it online or at some of the local healthfood stores.

This is an overview of what I eat. I haven’t been sick once since I started eating this way. Let me know if you have any specific questions.